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  • I too would greatly appreciate this functionality! This would be a crucial feature if its possible.

    I am also trying to figure this one out. I’d like to display the custom posts according to the date in my metabox/date picker, rather than the post creation dates. I’d appreciate any ideas on how to accomplish this.


    I was able to figure out a solution. It probably isn’t very elegant, but it worked.

    There’s a variable called $post_timestamp that appears in the section that starts at line #179. I just set it to reflect the content of my custom field and the posts showed up on those dates.

    I’m looking at how the Events Manager plugin overrides the calls for event data to see if I can do something similar. May just end up using the Events Manager plugin even though it is overkill for what I need.

    In the wp-fullcalendar.php the code checks to see if the Events Manager plugin is installed:

    //START Events Manager Integration
    		if( defined('EM_VERSION') ){
    		//END Events Manager Integration

    In the wpfc_em_init() function it removes the actions that get the event posts and use the post publish date to build the json, and adds in it’s own that build the json using the Event Manager specific info:

    remove_action('wp_ajax_WP_FullCalendar', array('WP_FullCalendar','ajax'));
    		remove_action('wp_ajax_nopriv_WP_FullCalendar', array('WP_FullCalendar','ajax'));
    		add_action('wp_ajax_WP_FullCalendar', 'wpfc_em_ajax');
    		add_action('wp_ajax_nopriv_WP_FullCalendar', 'wpfc_em_ajax');

    So I’m thinking that maybe I’ll create my own function that is the equivalent of wpfc_em_ajax and add it in the same way. The problem is that I think I’ll have to hack the core code of wp-fullcalendar.php so that it recognizes my function – may try it without that first.

    anyone get this to work?

    I ended up using the Events Manager plugin and the custom post type that comes with it to treat events separately from blog posts. Sorry – not much help. The site turned out well though I think – .

    Thank you, the issue i have is my event post type has several custom fields that i need to display. I just need to figure out a way to have the time change based on the custom field.

    thank you for the advise, site looks great.

    An other way will be to allow FUTURE custom post type to be displayed on the calendar.
    This way you can use the WP Publish Date and Time, no need of custom field.
    This post helped me achieving this

    This is great, but what about the expiration date? the event ends on this date… when expired the post deletes.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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