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  • Hi there I am new to wordpress and was told to use Child theme to customize the default twenty ten theme so future updates wont set back the theme to default again.

    But the thing is I am almost done customizing, just need to do a few more css changes, so the questions is:
    1.)Is it too late to use child theme?


    2.) I have no idea how to do changes in child theme, when I alter css or header.php I normally find out what the div is or find specific code and change it or add something to it, the child theme is empty! say I want to add a title image and make it center and bigger what do I put in the child theme’s css and to add extra sidebar?

    thanks everyone

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  • Info on Child Themes –

    It is never to late to create a child theme, if you are not sure what elements you have changed, copy the css from the file you altered into the child theme css file. If you have altered any other files, eg, header.php etc, copy the file into your child theme directory.

    Changing css elements of a theme when you use a child theme is the same as changing the css elements from the original theme, you use the same .class and #id selectors but you just put your changes in your child theme css file with the new styles.

    Thanks Brad
    so basically the child theme is a “back-up” theme but that is in use?
    And do I copy all the files I have altered? including the functions.php?

    I guess you could explain it as a back up of sorts. Your child theme piggybacks of the twenty ten theme styles and functions.

    Yep, take all the files that you have changed and put them in your child theme, even function and page template files. Then restore twenty ten to its original state, make sure it is installed. Activate your child theme and all the changes you have made in your child theme will overwrite the twenty ten theme and use everything from the twenty ten theme that you didn’t overwrite.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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