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    Your facility to personalize Notification emails is GREAT.
    However, I would now like to use BCC for sending notification emails without personalization BUT I wish to continue to make the emails using your customizations.
    Can bbpnns be set to send emails with 30 BCCs per actual email so that only 6 emails are sent from our site to notify about 175 users???
    I love it otherwise. Thanks

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    Hi @rjpivonka,

    Using BCCs isn’t a good idea with bbpnns because of the personalization merge tags allowed in the content. People will end up getting messages with other people’s names, etc.

    Also, BCC is how bbPress does it out of the box and bbpnns intentionally follows the non-BCC approach.

    That said, technically you could hook into the recipients filters, store the recipient list in an array for later use, return the 6 email addresses you want, and then hook into the extra headers filter to add the 30 BCCs per email.

    Looks like a lot of work and it may break depending on how it’s done and the if list of users changes (which it most likely will).

    But before you do any of that, please let me know the underlying issue. Why is it that you want to use the BCCs? Is it processing time? Mailout costs?

    I may be able to help you find a better solution if you elaborate.


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    You pegged both reasons.
    Processing time on 185 emails takes longer than the 120 seconds Siteground allows us.
    One of their techs made a change for me, which was later detected and now we will be bumped up to next COST level.
    When I use a different emailer in the site backend, it only sends 7 emails with 30 bcc each and that goes out in about 3 seconds.
    All our email is going thru WP SMTP plugin then thru MAILGUN who now charges us a buck or 3 per month because we now are sending between 2 or 3 thousand emails per month.

    Last time I just sent emails thru Siteground mailer I would go over their 400 email limit and get chopped off somewhere midway thru an email sending and that drove me crazy till I asked them for the limits.

    SOOO, I am willing to give up the personalization to gain the speed and stay within Siteground restrictions.

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    Mailgun will continue to charge you the same amount even with the BCC.

    Might I suggest trying the Bulk Mailer add-on? It uses Mailgun API to send up to 1000 messages in the time it takes to send one.

    I don’t know how SG’s cost system is working now as I migrated all but one of my sites away from it (and the last one is getting migrated as soon as the time comes to renew it), but maybe that’ll bring you down to the previous cost as well?


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