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  • Hi there,

    On my blog I post reviews as well as news. Now for the reviews, I’d love to have those rich snippets in the google results (who wouldn’t?). A while ago, I managed doing just that by using the SEO Ultimate plugin, which enabled me to just add the information like title and rating in the CMS of my website and after a few days, the rich snippets showd up in Google. However, some time ago, Google stopped showing my snippets so I wondered why and it might be because the data I added with the SEO Ultimate plugin, wasn’t visible to humans and that’s one of google’s criteria. So I looked into a few other plugins, but they either add the data ‘invisible’, or use a box on the website to display. Don’t like that either, because they often don’t work well with my theme, my style, or my own images for ratings.

    According to google, to get rich snippets you would need itemreviewed, reviewer and either rating of dtrviewed. So all the data is basically all there: Itemreviewed is the title of the Post, reviewer is the Author, dtreviewed should be the publishdate and the rating I provide using an image on the bottom of my Post. Example: Any ideas how I could use this default wordpress data and my own image as data for Google’s rich snippets?

    By the way: I’m working on an entirely new design using the much more simple wordpress twenty thirtheen theme, so even if your suggestion would need drastic changes in the website: I really don’t mind 🙂 Everything is possible! Even plugins like WP Product Review or Author hReview with the option to add my own images for ratings would be an option for me.

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