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  • Hey everyone,

    I have done lots of research on this with no specific answers. I have tried many things like disabling plugins and going back to default themes. My issue is that when I click “Use as featured image” for a post it says “saving…” but does not respond. On rare occasion it does go through. But most of the time it stalls.

    I checked for jquery/javascript errors in Chrome and it says this after about 10 seconds after clicking “Use as featured image”.

    Failed to load resource
    POST load-scripts.php:4
    send load-scripts.php:4
    f.extend.ajax load-scripts.php:4
    f.(anonymous function) load-scripts.php:4
    WPSetAsThumbnail load-scripts.php:31

    Here is an image of what I see:

    I heard that this could be a host security measure that causes this error on GoDaddy servers. I am on a VPS with GoDaddy. If someone knows what this is exactly could you please help me find out how to fix this. Thanks!

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