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  • Hi, i have a website with millions of users, i want to create a blog in my website and WordPress is the best option, but i don’t need that my users register in another DB only for comment on posts.
    I tried to use External Database Authentication but need to login in WP to comment, and when im logged this plugin add this user in the table of users of WP. What i should do to save that step to my users? Exist another plugin/hack too simplify this?

    Spotify use WP Blog, and is fully integrated into your system.

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  • In what system are your user accounts currently kept?

    You’re most likely going to need to use some sort of bridge to sync WordPress accounts with your current system. If you’re using a popular system, a bridge may already exist. If you’re using a custom system, you may have to write one yourself, unfortunately.

    Im using a custom system. The cons of a bridge is that I have to hack wordpress, and if in future there are new upgrades, should to hack again the latest version, right?

    Not entirely. You should be able to write a bridge as a plug-in (or, even as a mu-plugin) without having to actually hack any of the WordPress core files. Unfortunately, I’ve not written any bridges for WordPress myself, so I can’t really help point you in the right direction for finding info about it.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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