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    The plugin implements only the most important features of jqGrid.
    It is not difficult to use it, but sometimes may be tricky: if you downloaded it, please follows the first steps suggested in “Installation”.
    If you have any problem or question please ask me using this Support system, I will be happy to help you.
    If you use this plugin, let all know your opinion evaluating it.

    There are very few sentences to translate in this plugin, because the jqGrid already has it own localization. The admin site has something to translate: if you want to do this job, you are welcome.
    I will include the translation in the next release, it’s obvious!
    Please ask me if you need any support for the translation!!

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  • I install wp fjqgrid but i dont no how to configure it.

    1. how to create shortcode to show grid on my page.
    2. can I attach fjq grid with different form plugin.’
    3. how to set fjq grid header fields

    Plugin Author faina09


    1. The shortcode to insert in a post or a page is described at point 6 of ‘installation’:
    Use a shortcode like [wp-fjqgrid table=’wpf_jqgrid_sample’ idtable=1 caption=’name to display’ editable=true] in any page or post to display a CRUD for the table!

    2. sorry I do not understand your question

    3. All the DB table’s field are set as headers. If you want NOT to display any you must specify them in WP_FjqGrid Configuration a custom field formatting. E.g. if you do NOT want to display the filed ID in the table wp_fjqgrid_sample you must write:

    how can I hide the search button. The one in the bottom of the grid?

    How can I modify the grid?
    Because I want to search a name, but the input box must in the top of the grid. Is it possible?


    | Name |
    | ID | Address | age |
    | 1 | my add | 45 |


    the when I input with a “quote” the output is:

    Ex. 4″ -> 4\\\”

    Any solution? I don’t know how to fix this.

    Plugin Author faina09


    Probably the second question need a fix by me.
    To hide the button you can use CSS.
    I’ll try to give you a better answer to your questions during the weekend 😉

    the CSS it works.
    #wpfjqgSearch_1{visibility:hidden} in ui.jqgrid.css



    Forget my question about
    “Because I want to search a name, but the input box must in the top of the grid. Is it possible?”

    How to modify the search form?

    I have a lot of question.

    Plugin Author faina09


    Please read the FAQ and the other support threads before submitting a new one.
    If you found no solution be sure to include full description of your problem and the structure of your table.
    DO NOT submit question on this thread, open new one.

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