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  • Hello,

    I moved the registration to the frontend with my own input form.
    I saw that math captcha is added to the wp-admin login/register screens.

    Is there a way to manually work it into a front end registration?
    I tried <?php echo do_shortcode('[mathcaptcha]');?> but that does not work.

    Thanks for every tip.
    btw: your plugin’s setting interface looks really pretty. well done.

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  • Plugin Author dFactory


    Hi Gerald,

    We just started working on our own solution for complete frontend authentication for WordPress (login, registration, lost paswword etc.). One of the issues we plan to use is Math Captcha integration. I think we’ll be heading towards a shortcode, just as you proposed, to let you use Math Captcha in any frontend login/registation, not just ours. So, just be patient.

    (if you’re not patient 🙂 it is possible – we’re using this on dFactory plugins site, but it would require some plugin default settings changes from private to public static, making a Math Captcha class instance in your form and error hadling, also with the use of Math Captcha class instance – generally, some code juggling – contact us through our forum if you need more details)

    Thanks for the the kind words about the settings, but what we like the most is not the look, but the efficiency. Believe me or not, it is 100% – and we’ll be struggling to keep it at that level.

    thanks for the info.
    Looking forward for the next update then. If you need a beta-tester just let me know.

    Hi, I have a login form to the frontend and i want too use math captcha in this form. If you can, help me please. If you want beta tester i can help you !

    Hi, I’m currently using WP-reCAPTCHA to prevent SPAM user Registrations. Since installing numbers have reduced but I’m still getting a few a day through. If I install Math Captcha should I deactivate WP-reCAPTCHA?

    Also, as Gerald mentions I’d like to be able to use Math Captcha with my own Login form.

    Plugin Author dFactory


    @upcspine, we’re currently working on that feature (fronend usage of Math Captcha).

    When it comes to WP-reCaptcha I think you will not need that or any other plugin – we’re using Math Captcha on number of hight traffic sites and it is literaly 100% effective.

    @sil3r: meanwhile you can use the “are_you_human” code snippets described here:

    thanks but i use an other extension bws captcha

    sorry to bump an old thread:
    But I was just wondering if there are any news on this:
    “dFactory: we’re currently working on that feature (fronend usage of Math Captcha)”

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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