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  • 1. password field for login should be wider. AFter a certain number of characters, user’s can’t see any visual sign that hitting a key was taken by the field.
    2. Would be nice for admin to create a user through the Team tab and not merely by manually logging in .
    3. would be nice on the template tab to give a hyperlink to layout2b.css if that file is writable.
    4. The title for the page when clicking on the Post/Edit should not be WordPress > Post/Edit but (name of weblog) > Post/Edit. 5. I run several weblogs and sometimes have to test with different identies. This is very confusing.
    5. default stylesheet should not contain a blockquote style that puts a vertical bar.

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  • Good suggestions, all.

    Hi Robert,
    1. Done and committed to CVS
    2. Good Suggestion – I can see this getting implemented at some point.
    3. Hmmm, not sure about this one. Particularly once we have Smarty…
    4. Done and committed to CVS
    5. This one is purely a personal preference thing, I think. I happen to dislike it too, but I think it fits with the feel of the default style.

    Since we’re making suggestions ;-), the post editing screen for b2 showed the username logged in in the upper right corner. A nice touch to quickly see if I’m logged in as admin or the user name I usually post under.

    HI Jim,
    We already addressed that one, and it will be in the next release.

    I also think the post box on the post/edit screen should be longer. It is wide enough, and not long enough. If you make long posts, it can become quite discerning having to have to scroll up and down all the time.

    Hi Ragey,
    Another good idea, I like it!
    It will be a configurable option in the next release!

    Another suggestion:
    in the CVS version, clicking on ‘register’ brings up a registration screen. Under the password field, there is another, non-captioned blank field, presumably for registrants to re-enter their password. Would be nice to have that titled with ‘reenter password’ or some such.

    Would be nice for admin to create a user through the Team tab and not merely by manually logging in .
    I need to add 15 users one at a time with the registration screen? Seems like a lot of work … the above suggestion is a good one.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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