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  • spagetti


    Hello all, i got confused as a new member today actually, i have never seen everything inside hereto appear so huge, moster big titles and everything is just huge. Does the developers of the website not see this?? or is there a specific reason.. I am using a 1280 X 800 laptop screen and i feel like im smashed in the face withh all info so huge…
    As a developer of website im use to have a standard size for titles and all content appearance, also i thing that Georgie is not a prefered font to use for a list of a blog or list…

    Im confused and i dont feel these page to be really professional…

    Michael Persson

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Perhaps you could post a screenshot ?
    I’m using Firefox 1.5 on a 1024*768 laptop and I see this:

    Pizdin Dim


    You’re confused?

    This isn’t really as much relevant as it’s amusing. I notice your business is in Greece but you’re using a “tk” TLD. Now, knowing this doesn’t belong to Greece but having no idea which country it does belong to, I thought I’d have a look around. From Wikipedia:

    “Tokelau has an Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD), .tk, and attempts to make money for the island by selling domain names. However, to gain publicity Tokelau gives most domain names under it away to anyone for free. Free domains are pointed to Tokelau nameservers, which redirect HTTP traffic via HTML frames to a specified web page, and redirects 5 email addresses to external addresses. Only paid domains get the option of using a different nameserver (enabling more services, and disabling the web/email forwarding).”

    I just learnt something new today.

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