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  • I’m thinking of releasing a theme for wordpress. I’ve been using it for a Scout group website and its time for us to have something new so I want to give the old one away. 🙂

    We’ve not got any visually impaired members so I’ve never put much interest into ’em’ expanding but for a wider audience I’ll make an effort. 😉

    Seems some (particularly non wordpress!) sites made it so the line-width increases size when you increase the text size retaining words per line. Others (e.g. the delicious new layout) retain there line widths but the text increases in size wrapping where needed.

    I can understand it in the new layout but it behaved the same way in Matt’s old design aswell and that could’ve expanded horizontally as there were no columns rendered using a background image.

    In an ideal world should all parts of the page resize with font size or just the letters?

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  • If your content width is very narrow, then increasing the font size can make text difficult to read, but standard content widths are usually okay.

    Please be aware that some visually impaired users stick with using 800 x 600 monitors because the onscreen text size is easier for them to read. Because of this, you may want to design your pages so that the main content column is on the left side and it at least will fit in a small browser window.

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