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    In WP 5.5.1, I think there are 2 new and severe usability issues in Gutenberg.

    First, the Gutenberg editor greys out all the blocks except the one that currently has the focus. This makes it extremely difficult to read the whole screen and forces me to mouse through each block in order to read the post I am editing.

    I posted a screenshot on my website as an example. This greyed out text is very hard for me to read because I am pretty old.

    Secondly, if I click on the “+” icon in he upper left corner of Gutenberg to add a block, then the document/block column on the right side disappears. I have to move the cursor to the upper right corner and click on Settings to bring back the column. This column does not disappear if I can get the “+ add block” element to mouse up.

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  • Hi MJ, If 5.5.1 is your first experience with Gutenberg as part of core make sure you are not using the plugin. The plugin adds some features that could be causing your usability issues.

    The other thing that comes to mind is that your theme might be causing some JS conflicts with Gutenberg. I’d suggest installing Enable JQuery migrate helper to rule out your theme causing these issues.

    Hope one of these two items helps you resolve your issues.

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    Hello @binarywc,
    Thank you for your reply! I don’t use the Gutenberg plugin and have been using Gutenberg as part of core for almost 2 years.

    I installed the Enable JQuery Migrate Helper plugin, but it did not make any difference. All the blocks but the one with current focus are still greyed out, and the “+” icon still acts as I described.

    BTW is there a more appropriate place to post WP core usability issues? I use the Twenty Seventeen theme and only a few plugins. I assume I should delete the plugin you recommended, right?

    Thank you,
    -mj lee

    Nope, I believe Fixing WordPress is the correct place to post about these kinds of issues. I personally do not use Gutenberg.

    If you had not used Gutenberg prior to installing 5.5.1 because you came to 5.5.1 from 4.9.x or earlier I’d suggest installing the classic editor plugin

    If you were using an earlier version of 5.x and just started having these issues let me know and I will see if I am able to find you an answer or at least get someone else to look at this thread and try to help you.

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    Hello @binarywc,
    As I wrote above, I have been using Gutenberg as my WP editor since WP 5.0 core.

    I know Gutenberg has had a lot of changes the last couple of updates, but this new greying out of other blocks in 5.5.1 is really unacceptable for me. So if you could get someone to look at this thread, I would be very thankful.

    Best wishes,
    -mj lee

    Yes, sorry. I totally missed that in your post a few minutes ago, the result of skimming your reply. I’ll definitely get someone who has more experience with Gutenberg to reply to this with some input.

    After speaking to some others who have more experience with Gutenberg they are suggesting that you see if clicking the three dots and turning off the spotlight mode helps.

    They also suggested for you to try turning off the top toolbar option, to have the toolbars above the blocks. Reduces the confusion and the sidebar disappearing thing.

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    Hi @binarywc,
    thank you for investigating that further; both of those suggestions worked.

    I had not noticed the effect of the options under those 3 dots, but turning off the spotlight mode and turning off the top toolbar fixed both of my problems. Whew!

    thank you again!
    -mj lee

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    Glad to help any time MJ. That is what the forum is here for. Happy blogging!

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