Usability issue: Deleting comments -> Buttons should be at bottom, too (3 posts)

  1. pallas23
    Posted 7 years ago #


    Maybe this was already brought up, but as there is no obvious way to search this forum for a similar thread, I take the chance of reposting it:

    I was deleting spam comments today and like probably 99,9% of all people I started at the top of the page and ticked my way down to the bottom. At the bottom there were no buttons like "Delete", "Mark as spam" and the like. Only links to the next comments. I was astounded. (That those buttons are at the top of the page was only a hazy memory at that moment). Then I figured that WordPress is like superclever and will remember those comments I ticked already and will let me tick some more on the next page. So I clicked the link to the next page, ticked some more and realized, that there was no other possibility to delete the comments but to scroll all the way up again. To my continued dismay, the checked comments from the first page weren't deleted. So I had to check those again.

    Usability problems with this design:
    - Buttons are not where they are needed. You force users to scroll up again.
    - If users go to the next comments page without deleting or similar, their work (i.e., the selections) is lost. The current design encourages this.

    - Duplicate the "Delete", etc. buttons and put them at the bottom aswell. (Keep the buttons at the top for all the tidy folks that only ever have to manage the top three comments.)

    If it is already done like this in the latest version, fine, if not, that would apply as well.

    Hope that helps & happy coding,


    PS: I love WordPress, thanks to everyone who puts work into it!

  2. Clayton James
    Posted 7 years ago #

    but as there is no obvious way to search this forum for a similar thread


    Search box. Left side of page, directly below this statement:

    Search the Support Forums

    Enter a few words that describe the problem you’re having.

  3. pallas23
    Posted 7 years ago #

    @ClaytonJames: Thanks for the hint!

    I was already in the "Requests and Feedback"-forum, when I was looking for that option. (That is also the forum you get to, when you click on "Feedback" in your own WordPress installation.) It would be desirable to have this search box (probably already limited to that specific subforum) in the subforums. Might be a "first time user"-issue, but its probably nice for the rest, too :)

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