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  • Numerous others have explained good sides of Page Builder. Both concept and implementation. But. Large workload brings large requirements.

    I am using PageBuilder with VantagePRO and NORTH. Extensively for almost a year. On more than 10 sites by now. I am pretty versatile with CSS and jQuery.

    When there is a lot of pages, it is really time consuming to edit pages with Page Builder (PB). After a while one realizes the two most productive widgets are “Editor” and “Text”.

    This is simply because of inability to copy/cut paste widget content between the rows or between the pages, and why not: between the sites. The same applies for whole rows or (again) why not pages.

    Imagine if you could drag-and-drop widgets (to cut or copy) between the rows or pages of two pages on the two monitors on two different sites. Is it clearer now? Now imagine the same for rows.

    There is no even “Text View” behind a widget or row that one could perhaps use to copy paste the content. This I assume is PB architecture fault. And those are the most difficult to solve.

    It is simply too time consuming. I personally have stopped to use PB. I do use Site Origin Widgets (in side bars) and CSS editor.

    There are also live-editor simple changes or additions which would make the whole usability and feasibility of use, much more improved. Just try to have a page with a lot of page bookmarks and then use them.

    And last but not the least: try using PB with TwentySeventeen or Sixteen.

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  • Plugin Author Greg Priday


    Hi @dbj

    Sorry to hear you had such a poor experience with Page Builder. Alex did do his best to help with your issues. I hope whatever you’ve switched to is working out better for you.

    I understand your desire for things like copy paste. This is something we’ve looked at implementing a few times. Unfortunately, web browsers are notoriously bad at handling copy pasting. It actually requires use of Flash and a few other hacks. It’s possible, but we haven’t implemented it.

    Best of luck for your future projects.

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    Hi Greg

    I know you understand this is much more productive vs “one blog” “civilians” appraisals 🙂
    (no offense to them)

    Alex is a really great guy who helped us really beyond normal tech support requirements. He helped us produce ton’s of CSS to make Vantage PRO work as our customers wanted.

    We have not “switched”. It is just the we are faster (and customers) happier with very simple themes with SO Widgets and CSS Editor, but without a Page Builder.

    Perhaps, Copy-Paste and numerous other real improvements (for Live Editor too) would be much quicker and thus cheaper to implement by utilizing Chrome/Firefox/Opera extensions concept. Which probably means complete additional new team.

    If key abstractions would have meta-data architecture and design from the day 1, no Flash or “hacks” would be required. Copy paste would be purely textual. Probably, just a meta data in a JSON format.

    I do realize this means a complete rewrite, of course.

    I think you guys will be delivering more good stuff and we will be following.

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    Plugin Author Greg Priday


    I’m very glad to hear you’re still using Page Builder 🙂

    Making Page Builder better for our users is obviously our number one priority. We’ll do everything we can to implement all your suggestions. They’re all great ideas – we just need to find the time to take them on, and make sure they’re implemented properly.

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