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    First of all congrats to a nice plugin!
    I have however problem with its design / usability. It might be I missed some idea behind, so I waited a bit before writing here. In the last week I got contacted by 2 users who commented on this newly added functionality on my site. And… these users have exactly the same observation as I did!

    Can you please confirm I am using your plugin on this page as expected??? http://clipa.vu

    What puzzles me (and the 2 of my users) is the US flag that appears after the click on the “Translate” button. Should I understand it as a ‘source language’? That is however completely unnecessary to show, what the users are interested in is the TARGET LANGUAGE. Is it possible to avoid showing of the US flag and showing the Google translation banner right away???

    Secondly, is it possible to show the translation banner at the bottom of the page? I am afraid some users will click down there but will not noticed that something new appeared at the page top edge…

    Sorry for a longer email and thank you in advance for your reply.

    Best regards


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  • Hi Jan, I’m sorry that I never replied to your question. I think you removed the plugin by now but I will happily try and comment on your question.

    My assumption is that you had only 1 flag (English) displayed on the site during the time of setup. The translate button is meant to display more than the default language there. English is just placed there by default, but you would have needed to add more flags via the plugin settings page.

    Here is an example from our website:


    As you can see, users need a way to translate to the target language, but they must also have a way to get back to the original language, outside of the Google Toolbar itself. Or at least that is how we thought to implement this πŸ™‚

    Let me know if you have any other questions. I would be happy to see you use the plugin again, if you are willing. I will help you get setup.

    Thanks, Rob Myrick

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    Hi Rob,

    Amazing to read your answer. Thank you for that. After your explanation I am way closer to the experience I would love to see. I will be very happy to re-introduce your plugin on our site but still have some doubts or questions:

    I do not have THAT many users on my web-site but they come from all over the world. I looked at your example and there are cca 20 pre-populatated countries. Perfect for those, but what about the others? I can see there Spain, but not Portugal for example. Based on that I can pre-populate 20 most used languages but that does not seem to be perfect.

    I would much rather prefer the way the Google translator bar behaves. It offers quick way to select my target language and a quick way to come back to the original language. It would be fine to pre-populate some most used (largest) languages but how to get quickly to e.g. Portuguese?

    Plus, as mentioned last time. Your bar is at the bottom, Google one on the top. Cannot both of them sit next to each other so that the user can clearly see how they cooperate?

    Best regards

    Hi Jan, with our plugin you can use Portuguese language with either Portuguese or Brazilian flags, out of the box. The demo on my site may not have that flag shown, but it can be done easily.

    Also about the 2 toolbars. In your case, I would just hide the Google Toolbar now, which is a setting in our plugin. The bottom toolbar (i.e. the floating widget) allows you to include the flag of your default language there, and the plugin will correctly return your users back to the original language of your website.

    I would say your problem is solved, unless you have other flags you need, that we don’t have installed into the plugin. Maybe think about this and let me know – I will be happy to repsond so that you know before installing again.

    Thanks, Rob

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    Hi Rob,

    I am afraid we are still not on the same page. My apologies for that, I will try to explain myself bit better. I used Portuguese merely as an example of one language that I did not find on you page. My problem is not to add Portuguese – of course I will manage that via your Settings. My problem is that I do not know what languages/flags I should pre-select. As said my users are from all over the world and it feels bit ‘discriminating’ to omit some languages / countries. I think it should not be me who decides about which languages should be pre-populated and which not. The final user knows best what language she/he prefers. It feels strange to put there for another example Danish flag and not also the Norwegian, putting Macedonian but not Slovenian, etc. Even with the Portuguese example… maybe people from Brasilia will not feel comfortable with seeing only Portuguese flag (or the other way around).

    I simple do not know what languages I should choose. Another example: Let’s imagine a person from India speaking Punjabi language. I probably cannot select Punjabi as one of the top 20 languages with flags. So I would add Indian flag with Hindu language (that one is together with EN the official language in India). So the user will have to select Indian flag. That brings him to Hindu translation so he needs to move to the top Google bar and change the selection to Punjabi. Would not it be simpler to show right away only Google toolbar? I know the flags look much more visually appealing but it probably takes longer to find the proper flag by eye-scanning over the 20 pre-selected ones than simply looking at languages names.

    Once again sorry, I should rather give it a try once again and read your documentation carefully before typing here but maybe you can understand my concerns… I do not think I can put there many more than 20 flags – even your page has only 21…

    Thanks, Jan

    Hi Jan, no need to apologize, and I do appreciate your explanation and now understand πŸ™‚

    In terms of capturing everyone’s language and trying to serve your customers/users, the choice is not always easy. I understand this only because I must decide which flags to use for the languages in this plugin – Google does not provide them, and sometimes different regions share a language, although their flag might be different. And truthfully, there is a flag (or more) that I know still needs to be corrected in this plugin, which I admit has not been done yet, but I don’t worry because it will be fixed at some point on top of all the other things I feel need work πŸ™‚

    It’s an ongoing battle, and in my opinion, your users will tell you what is best, even when you think that you already have the right answer. If this were me, I would get something on your site, after doing your own research, and then your users will tell you if it needs to be changed.

    In terms of Google Toolbar, I agree with you 100% in wanting to display Google’s toolbar from very beginning. The default way Google does this, is that they provide a select dropdown inteface so that users can find a language, then the toolbar appears once a translation is made. We could do this for you too using the plugin, and eliminate the flags altogether if you want. We can hide the the flags, and show only the dropdown with 104 languages. Then I think most languages will be covered.

    I can also help you with getting a flag, if you want it changed. I have tons of country flags, although they are not necessary in the plugin at this moment. I can help you get the ones you want, though.

    Let me know if I can be of further help.

    Thanks! Rob

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