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  • USA Patriotic, Expert WordPress Volunteers Needed

    We are creating a national non-partisan, issue neutral, reference and training political blog site on WordPress. It will include national, state, county and city videos, blogs, articles and comments concerning American Politics. In other words: The Mother of all American Political Blogs, Information and Training.

    English language and American citizenship required.

    It will be the Re-Incarnation of Patriots stepping forward to Help Our Country, in the time of need, as Our Founders did in the 18th and 19th century.

    It is a not-for-profit volunteer organization without advertising.

    We, together as a team, will make a difference.

    All you will receive in return is the knowledge that you:

    1. Are a Patriot and helped your country similar to our Founders in a time of great need.

    2. Appreciation, single line entry, in perpetuity of your/company/organization name, specialty contribution, email or website link.

    3. You will become an important part of United States history using the Internet to make a major change in the process of selecting ordinary citizen representatives to the House of Representatives AND making them 100% directly accountable to those that elect them.

    We already have over 85,000 citizen members and will work our way to over 500,000. We have been on all the major networks and talk shows and continue to grow.

    Join our national volunteer team by sending us your interests and specialties to

    Thank you

    No spamming, commercial solicitations or advertising of any kind will be accepted nor reviewed.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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