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  • Hi everyone, I have had my own wordpress blog for a couple of days now and I uploaded it on my server I maintain at home. Problem is when I give the address to people ( the IP address, I don’t have a domain name yet ) they can access the front page but not the others. This is because every pages are pointing to my private IP(192.168.*.* ) and no one else can access it. I can of course browse the site because the links are pointing to my private IP and that I of course cannot use my public IP(74.68.*.*) to visit it.

    I find it hard to express my question but: how can I modify the links to direct to my ” http://74.63.*.*/wordpress/about.php ” ? And does having my domain name will resolve this issue?

    (This might not be a wordpress related question, I don’t really know ^.^ )

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  • Easiest, most consistent solution (in my opinion) for a home server is to just get a free dynamic dns service. This one seems to work just fine.
    There are many others.

    Nice thanks a lot, I’ll investigate this. As to foresee any problem: will I have to change something in the configuration of my WordPress for it to work? Or is it simply to mess around with my web server application?

    You will need to change your wordpress/blog address in your dashboard to whatever dyndns domain name you will set up in your account. Then once you run the updater on a local machine (or the updater can already be present as a feature in some home routers), it should quickly propagate and you should then be able to access your site with your dynamic domain name. ie… if you choose // as your domain name, you will have to enter that in the dashboard in place of the internal ip address that is currently there. You may also need to set up or edit a virtual host to match the domain name in http.conf if the default configuration doesn’t seem to play nice.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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