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  • I have multisite installed, domain mapping plugin in use (therefore necessary to use parked domains). But I don’t want to have to use rather I own and want the browser to ONLY use Right now it redirects to
    Any advice on how to make sure this happens? Do I need to use individual wordpress db installs on each client domain? Does that negate the need for a multisite as then I’d be logging into every site to make updates and changes (clients are NOT the type to do it themselves, thus the idea to use multisite and take care of the websites completely from one login).

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  • No, you need to configure the domains is all.


    Check box 2: Permanent redirect

    That forces to ALWAYS be 🙂

    Interesting…I have that block checked. It still redirects from say TO
    Wonder if there’s something else backward….?

    Is anything else checked? And is NOT checked as primary?

    Under Domain Options both Permanent Redirect and User domain mapping page are checked.
    When I set up the domain on the Domains page…essentially each domain I set up will be the primary for that domain?
    My hosting requires and and etc.
    I want to permanently redirect to and display (already setup and purchased and hosted). to display to display
    So on the Domain Mapping: Domains page I’d add each of those on the New Domain area? So for sub2 the Site ID is of course the ID wordpress gives me when I add a site, and Domain would then be with primary checked?
    Can each site (sub, sub2 and sub3) all be primary?

    When I set up the domain on the Domains page…essentially each domain I set up will be the primary for that domain?

    Let me explain it differently 🙂

    If you want everything to be, you make THAT your primary for that site.

    The setting is per site.

    Does that make sense?

    Almost…sorry about this.
    The domain mapping is network site wide or per each individual site on the network?
    Can I open the dashboard of each of my sites and set the primary domain for each individual site? I do not want all my sites to map to…rather each to map to itself.
    When I go into a subsite to make the the primary as opposed to, it wants me to login again even though I’m logged in as super admin. Makes me think it’s going to override my main site??

    I think I got it. Each site can be it’s own domain whether my hosting service requires for their internal stuff or not. So going into each site, activating the plugin and setting the primary domain on each site to be with secondary makes it work.
    Thanks for your assistance Mika!!!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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