• When viewing Pages in the dashboard widget, it would be a great help if the entries shown included links so that we can identify the exact posts being shows. We have multiple authors on a review site and they often will review the same products, thus the titles of the posts are identical: “Star Wars: Rouge One Review” for example. The key info is the URL. Each of those is, of course, unique. However, in the dash widget, we have no idea which post this information is referencing as it doesn’t have URL info and forces us to go into Google Analytics to verify each one.

    Anything you can do to help with this would be great appreciated.

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    It was requested before, and this functionality was actually available at some point. It was removed for two reasons:

    1. False positives generated by the antivirus software.

    2. Users concerned of their website’s security.

    All these because spammers tend to exploit this functionality using fake pageviews (with fake page paths, fake referrers and so on). For details see Tips to improve Google Analytics data accuracy.

    Even if there are solutions to avoid these, users tend to blame it on the plugin instead of looking for the real culprit and the right fix. In addition, having the access to your dashboard blocked because of a false positive or an warning from your antivirus is not a good UX at all.

    I understand what you’re saying, but certainly there could be a couple “easy” solutions to this.

    1. URL’s that aren’t clickable.

    2. Simply showing the last segment of the URL such as:


    Instead of:


    That would still get us the information needed to avoid the extra step to Google which would get everyone into the same issues you mentioned in your post.

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    We could use a title attribute on a span, something like this:

    Here’s the simple, built-in way:

    <span title="/something/a-test-page">A test page</span>

    Replacing the page title with the URI is out of question, because on the other side those used with a page title in that report will start complaining, as you can imagine.

    Would this implementation help you?

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    Title attribute seems very much on the right path.

    ANYTHING that would let us get the info without having to jump fully over to GA would be a GREAT help. If my HTML memory is correct, wouldn’t this sort of potentially also function as a tooltip on a mouseover? That would be tremendous.

    Thanks SO much for listening. Even if nothing comes of it, I greatly appreciate the time.

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    Hi, I’ve tried to implement the above feature on v5.0 but the problem is that the report becomes very segmented.

    By default GA doesn’t strip any queries, so all pages like '/', '/?subscribe', '/?search=xyz', '/?search=zzz' are regarded as pages with different paths making this feature unusable for the majority of users.

    Any other suggestions are welcome.

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    What about a simple tool-tip on hover?

    And thanks for the effort!

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    As per example above, let’s say we have a page called Home with the following URIs and data:

    ‘/’ – 2 pageviews
    ‘/?subscribe’ – 3 pageviews
    ‘/?search=xyz’ – 1 pageview
    ‘/?search=zzz’ – 2 pageviews

    The report will look like this:

    Home – 2 pageviews
    Home – 3 pageviews
    Home – 1 pageview
    Home – 2 pageviews

    Which, beside the bad UX, will also raise lots of questions from users thinking that something is wrong and a page is reported multiple times.

    Every time you use a secondary dimensions you’re actually fragmenting the data further with side effects like the above.

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    Perhaps I’m simply doing a terrible job explaining this. Here’s a textual example from my current GA DASHBOARD as provided by you:

    Yesterday v Pages v

    (graphical tree area for Channels, Organic/Direct/Referral

    ___________ Pages _____________|__ Sessions __
    The Fate of the Furious Review | #####
    The Lost City of Z Review
    The Promise Review
    The Fate of the Furious Review
    Their Finest Reviews

    That’s just a quick example of how it “looks” today (I didn’t finish it due to spacing and such that would throw it all off).

    All I’m looking for is the ability to somehow see who wrote the first review of “The Fate of the Furious” and who wrote the second one to know which one is doing what numbers.

    So, if the entries could simply provide a mouse-over URL or help text of the URL I can then quickly find out who wrote that one without going to Google. Better would be the ability to click the link, but you’ve already noted that this would be problematic.

    An option that would work great for me, but would not likely help others would be to show me who those authors are as an option (mouse-over the first one and help text says “Author: Rich Heimlich”, etc.)

    In our example I never see pages like those you describe in your example.

    Does that help explain it better? I can also chat via Skype if it would help.

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