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    This concerns two sites. The first is one at http://www.editorswa.com and the second is http://marisa.com.au

    I needed to set up a second separate wordpress installation on the server at editorswa.com because we were setting up a site for our conference. for some unknown reason (even the designated web person couldn't figure it out), the server/back end wouldn't let me do this.

    So I hosted it on my own server at http://marisa.com.au/conference and had http://www.editorswa.com/conference point to it.

    Unfortunately, the pages within the conference site all display urls like http://marisa.com.au/conference/?page_id=6 and as the President pointed out to me - it does not look professional.

    I can do two things:
    1) I can move the site IF I can get the server on the editorswa.com site to allow me to install another wordpress installation which it still won't let me do.
    2) I can find a way of making those urls like http://marisa.com.au/conference/?page_id=6 look and work like this: http://editorswa.com/conference/?page_id=6 (preferably without setting up several fowarding urls constantly).

    So please let me know - is method 2) at all possible?

    Thank you, Marisa

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