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  1. dcliving
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Ok. So I'm majorly confused. I took over someone else's WP site (muftah.org) and I'm trying to decode what he did to no avail. There is a section on the Home page called "Latest Articles". It shows up in the URL as "latest-articles". But the category is called "first-column". I added four new categories that they show the numeric category ID (like `1667').

    Permalinks looks right. HTACCESS is allowing updates. It's using the addw2p widget, but I don't think that's doing it. Some of the pages get new images and page title assigned via the archive.php file, but not these.

    I've always built WP from scratch and am okay at it, but I cannot figure this other guys stuff out! I'm sure he did some advanced stuff so what am I missing?

    Any insight is GREATLY appreciated.

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