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  • Hi all,

    Can you please point me to the place in WP’s PHP code where the URL is translated and WP figures what page / post to display.


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  • You’d have more chances to get a good answer if you describe what the desired end result would be.

    The end result is to learn, really. I want to understand the whole process of going from the URL of some post to the post itself. I understand most of the stages already, but something is still missing.

    When I try to access the URL:

    I know that mod_rewrite redirects it to index.php/2006/11/16/some-post

    I also know that the end result is comes from “single.php” . But I want to understand how WP knows to send it to single.php and how it knows which post to pull from the database.

    Thanks in advance

    Well, mod_rewrite does not ‘redirect’ it to


    but rather


    And therein lies many a clue.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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