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    Getting this error when trying to delete failed login attempts.

    Request-URI Too Large

    The requested URL’s length exceeds the capacity limit for this server.

    Maybe set up a cron that purges this table on an interval set by the user? That way someone doesn’t come back to anon responsive back-end because there are 2,000 + entries. lol


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    Hi Karl, I just did a search on Google about your error and this is what I found. If this is the same as your issue perhaps you can speak to your server administrator or host about this error message.

    Kind regards

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    Hi mbrsolution,
    Yes, I am aware of the Apache url length limit, thanks for the link.
    However, this issue should not be arising.

    It happened after I had deleted a few pages of entries. For some reason the url was getting built up each time I guess. I deleted, I would say, about 5 pages of 20+ entries. I did find the delete all entries button and that cleared out all of the entries, but there should be a max entries on storing. This plugin could potentially shut you out of your admin area if there was say 50,000 failed login attempts stored and with bots, that is quite possible to happen.

    I think the author may have not thought through the code for this portion. Maybe they were pressed for time, I don’t know, but you shouldn’t need that long url to delete entries from the database.

    Was more just passing along the info. I was able to clear everything successfully.

    Thanks for your reply.


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    Hi Karl, thank you for sharing more information in regards to your question. I think the developers added a max value to keep. I read it in a post a while back. However I am not too sure now. I submitted a message to the developers to reply to this thread.

    Thank you

    I’m running into the same issue with my site. I too deleted a few pages and am getting the crazy long URL. How did you fix this @designdrumm? I’m not quite sure from your explanation above. As it stands I am locked out of my admin and can’t make updates. My site is fine, but I don’t have access.

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    Hi @lukeslytalker,

    I too deleted a few pages and am getting the crazy long URL

    Can you please provide more info?
    What is menu page from which this problem occurs for you and what are the exact steps I would need to do to reproduce this?

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