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  • D J


    Why on earth are you guys trying to backward translate to make a link to the original post, this will lead to 404!

    All you have to do is make a relation to the post’s ID. For instance; “” is using %post% permalink but the real id is 25. So you make a relation of the translated post value to the id of the original posts

    In one db table called “translations” you could have all the different translation for page/post with ID 5 and it will be a “One to many” relationship as one post could have many translations but all those translations can only belong to one post.

    trans_id   trans_value   trans_code  post_id
    1           hola-mundo      es          5
    2           ciao-mondo      it          5
    3           hallo-welt      de          5

    How ever, can you imagine how big your db will get?

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  • Plugin Author Ofer Wald



    Thanks for the suggestion, however in your suggestion many page urls will have no translation, as there are other things rather then just posts, pages etc.

    However, I agree that something should (and probably will) be done with that regard, quite a few people have suggested to “sponsor” this feature, however, when they hear that the price is one week of coding, they all get cold feet. I just got today a message from someone who thinks he can get this done for $100, I’ll wait.

    If anyone offers a nice patch for this, it will get included in the code


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