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  • i have two mac servers. one is hosting my wordpress installation. ( ) the other is the main production server ( )

    i’d like for users to use the url and only see that. i have a url rewrite that is working for the wordpress homepage, so if they go to, they see the wp homepage but clicking on any of the links within wordpress (categories, blog links, etc) sends them to the server and the url changes.

    how can i configure this so the url stays at but all content is coming from test.server/wordpress/


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  • Apparently, your URL rewrite just fetches the homepage HTML file but everything is still pointing and retrieved from your test site. Two ways to do this:

    1. Install wordpress on your live site, configured to its own DB.

    2. Install wordpress on your live site, but configured to fetch the data from the same DB that your test site uses.

    3. If your URL rewrite config rewrites everything perfectly, then go to WP General Options and change all those to All your live visitors will indirectly use the test site.

    The first is best — The production server should not rewrite or even bother with the test server anyway. Remember though that you will have two copies of the theme files to maintain.

    (Maybe you can have one copy of the theme files, but I don’t know whether you can mount a network folder on a Mac filesystem.)

    The third kills .

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