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  1. b123400
    Posted 9 years ago #

    wordpress use "index.php" as the main entry,
    but can i add something in the url just like "index.php?p=1&request=something"
    i want every link in every page can add "&request=something" at the end of the address automatically.
    for example,the comment links use "?p=xxx#respond" at the end, can i change something in the file(s) of wordpress to make it into "?p=xxx&request=something#respond"
    just like the paging, the "?paged=2" changed into "?paged=2&request=something"

    the word "something", i want it to be a fixed word,but add automatically, i don't want javasscript, i want to change something in the file of wordpress. can anyone tell me what should i do?

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