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  1. russ-s
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I'm running a sandbox setup using sub-domains for staging and public versions. The public.mydomain.com version of my WP site is working fine, and a hosting URL Redirect is set to send http://www.mydomain.com traffic to public.mydomain.com.

    Problem - landing on the redirected http://www.mydomain.com home page (public.mydomain.com) the first time - the WP page content can't be found (all sidebars, menus, headers, etc are fine on the initial landing). It is looking for the /public directory for that portion (click on the "home" tab right there and it's all there.)

    I'm planning to use the Quick Page/Post Redirect plugin to do a *second* redirect for that initial landing - from "/public/index.php" to "public.mydomain.com".

    Sound feasible? See any problems? Any better suggestions? Thanks.

  2. russ-s
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Ended up trying this after making sure I had htaccess and other files backed up etc. Didn't work. WordPress still wants to find the content in the /public directory upon first landing, so including the index.php redirect did not fly.

    Any suggstions? Different flavor of hosting service URL redirect perhaps, assuming I can do that in GoDaddy ?

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