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  • salvop


    My customer has two requirements. Either on their own is probably ok but combined I’m, not sure it’s even possible.

    So, they have 2 wordpress sites (separate wp installations, same server).They have a
    … site (UK)
    …com site (US, the same except for US spelling)

    The first requirement:
    a code level redirect, done in PHP in wordpress, based on the browsers language setting such that users with en-us in their browser language settings will be directed to the US site and those without will be directed to UK.

    (This one is is straight forward and my developers have coded it).

    The second requirement is for URL masking:
    regardless of which site a user is directed to (through the code-level redirects), and regardless of which URL they requested, their browser should display the .com address.

    The second is the problem. Can this be done such that it sits happily with the first requirements? Will wp even handle it anyway?

    Help here very much appreciated.


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