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  • here’s the issue:

    • i have a private page at
    • when i go to the page and i’m logged in, everything is fine, page loads as expected
    • when i go to the page as any other user (ie: not logged in), i’m redirected to a specific post – i do not want this behavior

    i’m not sure why it’s redirected to this post. i’ve:

    • looked in .htaccess in the root folder, nothing
    • disabled all plugins (i don’t have any redirection plugins)
    • changed the slugs on the page and post, meaning that it’s not hard-coded anywhere that goes to the post slug.
    • searched my database for any references to “register-for” and/or 1331 and couldn’t find anything that would indicate the redirect

    i’m at a loss. any ideas? thanks ahead of time..

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