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  1. jon.jones
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hey everyone,

    I'm positive this has been asked a million times, and I apologize. I've done some research on my own and not found any solutions.

    I've been asked to make our wordpress site, http://www.thebackofficecompany.com redirect to an external site, http://www.springfieldbackoffice.com (i.e. when a user types our wordpress url into their browser, it takes them to our external website instead).

    I need to figure out how to do this. We use genesis theme in WordPress, and I do not have access to a home "page" to edit - I'm not even sure where this is located. I can get into our ftp server, and I see things like index.php or wp-config.php, but it doesn't look like that's where I need to be. My boss said to use "html redirect" and "set the time to 0" - so it occurs immediately.

    As you can tell, I am not a wordpress guru, but I have been asked to do this. So I'm figuring it out, and I'm positive I can learn how to. Can anyone answer specifically how this can be done, where I would enter said "html redirect" code, or point me to a resource that explains this.

    Thanks so much, and I'll check back regularly to answer any questions you may have for me.


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