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  • frugalfamilyfun


    I am new to wordpress and sites in general.

    Until recently we had “ugly” permalinks. In order for the new coupon database to work we had to make “pretty” permalinks. I added the index.php to the front of it to make it work. Seemed like the easy thing to do at the time.

    Now my homepage (www.frugalfamilyfun.org) works but at the bottom when you click to go to page 2 it sends to a 404 error page. If I insert “/index.php/” before the /page/2/ it takes me to the correct page.

    How can I make it insert that automatically? All other pages work fine…just when I try to navigate to more posts from the main page.

    Please keep in mind that I know NOTHING about websites so any explanation needs to be very detailed!

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Pioneer Web Design


    Discuss with your web host how they support mode_rewrite. Some do not, some do in some ways, most good hosts fully support the mode_rewrite module required for pretty permalinks to function properly.

    Basically, what mod_rewrite does is change the URL from mystite.com/?id=# to the slug for each post, category, or tag, etc., and it becomes a URL that SEO can decipher better.

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