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[Resolved] URL redirect?

  • I will be short and sweet. I have set up hosting on godaddy.com. I have a Domain http://www.progressivemediaconcepts.com . We have also set up a subdomain http://www.dev.progressivemediaconcepts.com so that we can edit our website online.
    ISSUE: http://www.progressivemediaconcepts.com is right now used for our wordpress.com blog, and will eventually be converted to be used for our website.

    Problem: If we type in ANYTHING.progressivemediaconcepts.com it redirects us to the wordpress.com blog thus, not allowing us to edit anything.

    Not sure what the issue is. I have no problem dissaccociating progressivemediaconcepts.com from the wordpress.com, but this is definitely a pain in my backside.

    any help and directions would be perfect as I am a beginner to moderate with networking lingo.

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  • That is because DNS of your domain name that you bought is still pointing at wordpress.com

    how do I change that? godaddy customer support wasn’t helpful with anything related to wordpress.com. Is it something I can edit in wordpress.com or godaddy’s domain settings…

    is there also a way to keep http://www.progressivemediaconcepts.com linked to wordpress.com blog, and have dev.progressivemediaconcepts.com used for our website, for now?

    No there is no way for you to use same domain pointing two servers it can only point to one you can buy another domain name for your Go Daddy host account.

    From what Godaddy is telling me, using the dev.progressivemediaconcepts.com is using a different domain, because of the “dev.”

    But the primary domain name is still pointing to wordpress.com so I just do not how is it possible to have subdomain name.

    I suspect the issue is 301 redirects. Probably in the past xxx.progressivemediaconcepts.com has had a 301 redirect to progressivemediaconcepts.com

    These are permanent redirects and cached at all sorts of points between you and the server. Including your own browser. Make sure you clear your browser cache, if you have any company proxies make sure they clear too. If all that fails, you will just have to wait it out. Or google for more ideas 🙂

    I see 2 different websites, and ping confirms that DNS is set up to point dev to a different IP.

    We figured it out. Had a lot to do with the DNS and such. Not sure how to explain it, but a good friend helped us through it using your advice, and it works perfectly now. Thanks a lot for the advice and help!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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