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  • we website url is “”,
    i have hosted n godaddy with wp install in a folder “”
    now when i open “” it opens fine but when i go further on anypost the url changes to “maadandmcc/aba/?p=10”,

    i have tried to change custom permalinks but it doesnt allow me to completly change the permalink and make “” permanent and allow me to edit other half of permalink.

    Kindly help me in this aspect please.

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  • i tried this, thts why i am saying i can only edit half of permalink..“” remains same.

    You have errors with your database credentials. WordPress can’t connect to it. Check your wp-config.php file.

    Once you can connect, check in the “settings” tab in the WordPress admin for the options:

    • WordPress url = where core folders are
    • Site url = where you want your website to display

    So if you want to have your website at, you have to install your website under the “public-html”>”abc” directory on your web server and make sure the two options above are set to:

    So when activate permalinks you get URLs like so: in place of

    Hope it helps !

    @ julien
    database is fine,
    and u didnt get my question i want to change my url to “” not “”
    but custom permalinks isnot allowing me to completely change my url its making “” fixed because my wordpress is insttalled in folder.

    Well not sure to understand your question but “” and “” are 2 different domains and permalinks are not made for this.

    If you want the url to be “” you have no other choice than install WordPress on the root of the server for this domain.

    Permalinks are equal to “pretty links”. They allow you to change a query string url (?p=10) to something easily recognizable and better for seo like (/my-post). But you are sticked to the domain where wordpress is installed.

    Hope it clarifies permalinks…

    than Julien it was a confusion u help me.. thanx

    My pleasure 😉

    Don’t forget to mark your post as “resolved” 😉

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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