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  • Hello. Please pardon me if I provide too much detail; I will lose track if I don’t.

    I have a primary domain and within that domain I have five subdomains. The important one is which is where all my professional and marketing stuff shows up. I have a wordpress blog at

    Most people don’t even realize that is a subdomain. They never see, and don’t have to use it.

    Okay so far?

    I just migrated from Movable Type, and there were a few hiccups that were resolved by professionals. Now I’m on my own and I just cannot figure out what is going wrong.

    First, I’ve been trying to get Ecto to recognize the WP weblog. It keeps insisting the path isn’t right. I have written to the support people at Ecto, but something else happened that makes me think the problem might be on my end.

    I installed and activated Photopress. All I want from Photopress is the ability to have a couple images rotating in the sidebar. I set things up, but when I go to manage > photopress> upload I get an oddly familiar error:

    path is incorrect

    So you know I just didn’t jump in here, I first tried every possible permutation of the url. With, without, with public_html, without… etc. Still no luck with either Ector or Photopress.

    If I have to, I can do without Photopress — although I really do need some way to rotate book jacket covers in the sidebar. It would be much harder to give up on Ecto, as I have been using it for six years.

    If you have a best guess on what’s going on and how to fix it, I would be thankful.

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  • Most people don’t even realize that is a subdomain.

    But WordPress will always know it… and it doesn’t like it. Don’t forget you have the two URI values (for the WP’s physical installation and for the blog’s display) in the database of WP and every path is calculated relative to that!

    Okay. But is there some way for me to fix this problem?

    Do I understand that there’s no fix or workaround for this kind of problem?

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