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  • I moved my blog from Blogger in July. I noticed that I was no longer getting any hits from Google about 3 weeks later.

    Now it seems that a “” Google search shows lots of links, but they each have a URL suffix that looks llike this:


    I beleive this is generated by the D-Tree plugin, which allows users to drill down through date hierarchy. I also beleive this is causing Google to be confused about my site and its structure, hence not coming up in searches, and not getting any hits. (I was getting plenty of hits before, about a third from google, and I had a very good page rank).

    However, when I look at the page source, I cannot see any URLs with the strange suffix. I am using the Google XML Sitemap Generator, but that too seems to be full of clean URLs.

    Is there any way I can find out how google is picking up these strange URLs? Is it likely that they are causing the problem? And is there anyway to get google just to look at what is in sitemap.xml?


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