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  1. csam0003
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I have 3 external sites that have 3 links to a form on my wordpress website. In order to identify where they are coming from I decided to attach a parameter to the url on such external websites; so such sites would have http://www.myblog.com/join/?ref=123, http://www.myblog/join/?ref=456 etc.

    In my custom form plugin for my wordpress site, I included this piece of code to get the ref code from the url.

    $url_params = array( 'ib' => 3232,
    'wlinfo' => $this->wlinfo,
    'code' => $_GET['ref'],

    It seems however that the GET is not working! Any ideas? Do I have to notify wordpress that there is a parameter in the url coming from the external websites?

    I am new to this so be gentle ;)

    Thank you

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