Url Not redirecting Properly, Adding %E2%80%8E at end (2 posts)

  1. marksmith92
    Posted 1 year ago #

    hey guys ..
    i m having a problem with my wordpress site.
    what i was doing is.
    i have some pages which i removed previously , and i want them to redirect to home page.
    so i install a wordpress plugin for redirection, the plugin i used is "Redirections".
    i add url in and redirect them to home page.the problem is, a invalid character "%E2%80%8E" is adding every time when i open the url.
    my url ws - http://www.nawlaeducations.com/about_nef.html and its become http://www.nawlaeducations.com/about_nef.html%E2%80%8E and it cause 404 error.

    So how can i remove this invalid character "%E2%80%8E" from my url and get h proper redection on my home page.

  2. %E2%80%8E is an invisible end-of-line character. Don't cut and paste a URL into a Redirection text field; type it in.

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