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    Hi everyone,

    I am currently completely confused about some of my plugins and links not working. This has to do with DNS entries I would assume and the fact that I had to setup the site without the DNS being pointed at the right location.

    Here is what I did so far:
    I had to use to set up and test the blog (url from my host to work with before any DNS entry). This is a subfolder of our planned website which will have a different domain linked to it.

    The folder in question is now also linked to and

    I am now lost about two things:
    First of all I am using WordPress MobilePack to switch to a different mobile version if you check out the site from a mobile device. This works nicely with the server50 url but not with the new url for whatever reason. The theme is a responsive theme I am using for the mobile and while it does scale down in the server50 url it does not in the or

    I assume under general settings I should change the wordpress address url, right? right now it’s linked to the server50 address. But I am a) not sure which to link to and b) I am super afraid that once I change that I will screw something up and not be able to access the actual wordpress anymore.

    I have worked with wordpress a lot but I always had issues understanding the technical stuff like DNS and url/database connections.

    If anyone could give me some tips I would be forever grateful 🙂

    Thanks a lot in advance!

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  • Question again: Under settings where you define the wordpress address url:
    It is still using the temp link I had to use without the DNS pointed at the domain/folder which was

    Can I change that and if so, what to? The actual domain name? or (both domains are linking to the folder with the installation). I did not move any of the files – I would just like to get rid of the ugly link in urls for obvious reasons).

    If I change that info in the settings – will it screw up the database?
    I found this article ( but I am confused if this actually is what I need to do since I did not move any folders and files. And if so, which of all the solutions would be best?

    Thanks again for any kind of help 🙂

    Nevermind, I figured it out myself.

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