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  1. jules786
    Posted 6 years ago #

    PLEASE, PLEASE, can someone assist but in simple language. I have read all the other URL link problems and in some instances, solutions, but I may have overlooked the answer, but I did not find a solution for my problem.

    I am having problems with my url link and struggled for x2 days now and I am not sure what can be wrong. I added a new post and as far as I can see have completed it correctly, however, the link do not appear to work.

    Here goes...

    I added a new post
    Completed the message that I want people to click on (that will lead them to the other website)
    I then clicked on chain to link, and in the pop-up I entered....http://www.my domain.com/the product name of the affiliate page
    clicked insert, Everything appeared in order, however, when I am on my web page and click on the message, the search engine come up with "Nothing found for.....
    I have edited the link so many times and no progress thus far. I must just mention, the domain name is long, coulf that be the problem?

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