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  • You cannot resolve that issue if I am correct. Only one domain has to be used as your primary or home domain name and it that case, is your default. Sadly, I do not think it’s possible.

    #But I could be wrong – I answered from my maximum intellectual ability.

    I have done earlier such a manipulation, but I was using such a strategy:

    I was having 2 pages:
    index.php – one pointing to a certain domain.
    index2.php – pointing to an other domain.
    And also apache was configured 2 listen 2 different domains.
    Here as an example:
    When you access promotion, it redirect you to other site an change in the browser url of the site as bulksms.
    Now i wont to point from to, but to keep in web browser

    But how to realize it in WP, I don’t have any ideas

    Anyone have any ideas ?



    very awesome

    You can do this in some other systems, but WordPress works on a single hard-coded base URL. That means that one site uses one URL. I have seen that there’s a few plugins that try to change this, but I haven’t seen one that works 100% of the time yet.

    One thing to remember is that you really don’t want all three sites having the same content like that. That will mean that at least tow, and possibly all of the domains will be dumped from the Google search results for duplicate content. Having WordPress set up the way that it is stops that from happening as it’s one URL for everthing, and the canonical tags ensure that everything is indeed only once.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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