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    Thanks in advance for helping out.

    My site lives here.

    From a post-page, when I click on the main nav, the main nav’s URL is added that of the post URL, resulting in a blank page.

    Please help!

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  • Moderator kmessinger


    So I go to the post then click home and it seems fine. Can you explain in a little more detail?

    Clicking home seems to work fine — but if you try to click from, say, the World Market post to “traditional” on the main nav, the URL keeps the World Market URL and adds the traditional page link to it, giving me a URL that doesn’t exist (and a blank page in result).

    Moderator kmessinger


    The links need to be full links. So
    <a href="?page_id=3" title="Non-Web">659.<span>Traditional</span></a>
    should be
    <a href="" title="Non-Web">659.<span>Traditional</span></a>

    Try that on one or two before redoing all just in case.

    BTW, there are a few html errors you might want to clean up using

    Tried the full links, but I’m still having the same problem… any other ideas? (BTW, thanks for the validator… I’ll clean up with that after fixing this issue.)

    Working now, after clearing my cache. Thanks so much! 🙂

    Okay, something is wrong. Now, when I click from a post-page to the main nav, it redirects to the home page… Any ideas? Thanks!

    I think it’s because of your permalink structure. Looking at your post pages, you’re using “pretty” permalinks, but your page links are using the page_id structure, which is the default “ugly” permalinks.

    I’ve just tested this on my local install, and when I change from “ugly” to “pretty”, my page names changed from having a page_id link to having a link that included the page name.

    The fly in the ointment to my theory is that when I changed the permalinks, they were automatically updated throughout the site, so worked correctly without needing any work on my part.

    Are yours hand-coded or created by the WordPress software? It looks like the page links were created before the permalink structure was changed, and they have not been updated.

    I created the page links before changing the permalink structure, so, yes, my links were hand-coded. I’ve created a mess, huh? Should I just stick to hand-coding everything to fix it?

    Personally, I’d prefer to be in a position where the WordPress software was making (and changing, if required) all my links for me. The mix of automatic and hand-coded links is tempting something to break – if not now, then somewhere down the line.

    However, if you don’t envisage needing to change your link structure again (other than putting right those hand-coded ones) you might be OK staying with the mix you’ve got.

    Sorry to be vague on the subject, but my experience in this area is limited; all the sites I’ve ever had to administer have either had ALL hand-coded links or ALL automatic, not a mix.

    Agree, wolfieb. Thanks for helping me out. I’ll work to move everything back to its original state for complete WordPress management.

    Thanks again. 🙂

    No problem – glad I could be of some help.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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