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  • In my admin panel when looking at comments if I try to click on one of the next page links I get an alert box which says “The url is not valid and cannot be loaded”. When I hover over the page two link its pointing at “http:///?apage=2”

    This has only happened since I recently upgraded to version 2.5, any ideas what’s causing this? Thanks 🙂

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  • Same problem with 2.5.1 version.
    List view has http:///?mode=list url

    Hi im having the same problem with 2.6 on all of the next page buttons etc http:///?paged=n and http:///?pagenum=n where n is any number I have tried a reinstall but to no avail

    Hi, I have fixed my issue by removing the $url = ‘http://’ . $url from within the clean_url function within formatting.php as shown below in italics:

    if ( strpos($url, ‘:’) === false && substr( $url, 0, 1 ) != ‘/’ && !preg_match(‘/^[a-z0-9-]+?\.php/i’, $url) )

    // $url = ‘http://’ . $url; // KOTD – Removed ‘http://’ to make back end work

    This may cause additional issues and only time will tell hwever all is running fine for me so far.

    Worked again in WP 2.6 🙂

    Is this fixed in > 2.6 ?

    I had the same in 2.7

    My host reckons the bug reappeared.

    I commented out the line detailed above and it seems ok now.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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