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  • Hi emily, you can configure store Permalinks via Settings > Store alternatively check out my Plugin Store Toolkit that includes an option to manaage store Permalinks.

    i thought it should be in the store settings, but cannot find it under any of the tabs. can you tell me where in the tabs this setting is defined?

    although i can try your toolkit plugin, if i could just not have to have yet another plugin to change this, i would be so happy as it seems like the more i add the more things break with wpec. the lack of support has been incredibly frustrating. i’ve been trying to fix this for at least 6 months.

    rawr! i downloaded the toolkit and am still having no luck finding where to change the root of the products area. i tried re-linking the wp-ecommerce page and i’m right back to where i started with the checkout only functioning on the default permalinks setting.

    this is so *$^@*#! frustrating. sorry for the swearing. 🙂

    i also noticed that on one toolkit screen it says i have 12 download products. what does that mean? i’m pretty sure all the items in this shop are (supposed to be) physical items. is there a way to figure out which 12 are set incorrectly?

    and lastly, in Store Status it says that none of my shortcodes are correct. i’ve never changed them and they are [productspage] [shoppingcart] [transactionresults] [userlog]. what are they supposed to be?

    thanks so much for your time and hard work. i wish had the code-fu that you do so this wasn’t such a struggle.


    still struggling with this, if you can help, i would really appreciate it. all of my software is current.

    if my permalinks are set to default, my shopping cart functions fine.

    if i set my permalinks to postname, i see /wpsc_product_category/catgory_name/ as the base category for my shop items but none of my of product category lists, products or pages or posts display properly. every click displays the main page, despite what the url says.

    ultimately i just want it all to work and the /wpsc_product_category/ slug to be reset to /shop/

    thanks so much.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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