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  1. jamesjoyce
    Posted 5 years ago #


    I've a personal blog at http://d-eye.be
    The domain name for this is of course http://d-eye.be

    I've created another blog at http://d-eye.be/devierdemacht
    The domain name (via url forwarding) is http://devierdemacht.be

    My problem now are the permalink settings. I've chosen a custom structure /%category%/%postname%/ which give me for example http://d-eye.be/devierdemacht/uncategorized/hello-world/

    What I'd like to have is a structure like http://devierdemacht.be/uncategorized/hello-world/

    Any idea how to do this?

  2. ollybenson
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Really depends on how your domain forwarding is set up.

    Some domain forwarders will send all traffic to a single URL. Eg http://devierdemacht.be, http://devierdemacht.be/home.php and http://devierdemacht.be/uncategorized/hello-world/ will all go to a single webpage.

    However you can also do domain forwarding that sends to the new URL + everything else in the URL. In the cases about those links would go to http://d-eye.be/devierdemacht/, http://d-eye.be/devierdemacht/home.php and http://d-eye.be/devierdemacht/uncategorized/hello-world/

    The latter domain forwarding approach would allow you to have a structure as you wish. If you change the settings in WordPress you'll get the links to be the devierdemacht.be URL.

    That said, it's pretty inefficient to do this as you are constantly going between two URLs and you'll also have issues with SEO. So I'd not bother.


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