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    Hi there, allow me to begin by saying your plugin rocks!! or at least it did up until a couple of days ago, whereby I stupidly just went along and updated (on auto pilot) my WordPress site to 3.5!!

    I use your cool plugin to create ‘exceptions’ depending on posts or pages, to display specific right hand side-bar TEXT widgets each contain dynamic promo-banner code, thus pulling through ‘relevant’ banners depending on the content within the post/page the user is reading.

    This used to work fantastically well without any issue, like I said, up until 2 days ago… 🙁

    The really strange thing is that I hadn’t changed anything in the settings, when I noticed banners being displayed int he wrong places! I tried deactivating it, reactivating it, deleting it, reinstalling it… haha the usual protocol from a desperate non-techie! Thing is it remembered all the settings, (which is cool I see the advantages of that!) but not when I want a clean slate so to speak…

    Anyway… now it either displays none of my banners on pages or posts where I want them, or banners appear almost randomly on the sidebar, where I definitely do not need them, imagine I am promoting one brand and it’s displaying another brand on the same page on the right…not good 😛 – I don’t know if anyone else has come to you with this issue, if so apologies for making you repeat yourself like Groundhog Day or something!

    I have had little choice but to deactivate this now (so it’s totally un-biased and displaying all banners n all pages – which is still a big no no but nonone can say I am favouring one brand over another, each has equal exposure now!).

    I really want to keep using this plugin guys, as I say I personally think it’s THE BEST out there esp. for my needs right now, but I can’t if it isn’t working as it used to! 🙁

    Any help would be truly appreciated… thanks for your time!

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    You’re actually the second one who makes this remark. The first user who did is using a language plugin and I blamed that one to be doing something wrong.

    Just to be sure. Have you updated anything else like theme, other plugins or are you also using a language plugin?

    Thanks for a swift reply! OK so soemone HAS had this issue…

    No actually we’re not using any language plugin, I don’t want to mention my URL here it’s not ready to be ‘promoted’ just yet! Here it is embedded in a TINYURL (hope that’s ok, it’s nothing sinister I promise!) – See the nature of this particular client’s site and the right hand banners etc!

    What I can tell you is what else we are using plug-in wise, perhaps this could help you to help us determine what’s up with it?

    AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget
    Artiss YouTube Embed
    WOW Slider

    ..and that’s it really guys! Hope we can solve it!


    Sorry missed out some info there… Some of these other plugins (above) did update too earlier in the month, this could have affected YOUR plugin back then I guess? But tbh, I think we would have noticed back then in that case!

    There was no theme update!

    Should I try deactivating/reactivating them in a process of elimination perhaps? Is that what you’re thinking?

    I forgot also to mention I even tried a rollback to WP 3.4.2 or what ever that last version was.. we had a backup there, but that didn;t help either… so we reverted to 3.5 ..again!


    I’ve now deactivated all plugins but Dynamic Widgets, and still it’s not working as it used to…

    OK, so in more detail, I have 3 banners (currently – eventually I need to add more, the more brands I promote!)… I’ll call ’em [Banner 1} [Banner 2} [Banner 3} – Hey! I heard that! 😛

    So for example:
    [Banner 1} displayed using dynamic code via a TEXT widget, mean’t to be in the sidebar on the right.

    I have tried using the ‘Show widget at this URL? YES” and the “Show widget at this URL? No” options, of course with respective URLs depending on which option is selected…

    Using YES seems to ignore the Post/Page exceptions stipulated for {Banner 1} and doesn’t display [Banner 2} or [Banner 3} at all – I mean not even by mistake – just no sign of them!

    Using NO option and stipluating the single post I DO want the banner to be displayed on, seems to not display [Banner 1} anywhere, at all… or the other banners for that matter.

    It’s sadly just buggered at the moment basically guys! 🙁

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    Let me fiddle around a bit with it and I’ll come back to you. I’m going to try to replicate the problem at my dev machine. Looks like something has changed in the way WordPress handles URLs.

    Many thanks for looking into this for us guys! Like we said earlier, it’s a plugin ‘at the top of it’s game’ as far as we’re concerned! Highly rated!

    Hope you find out what it is… cheers!

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    I’ve been trying a few themes, but unfortunately not able to reproduce the issue. The URL is detected correctly. Does the home URL you have set in WP ( Settings > General > Site Address (URL) ) matches the actual URL in the browser address URL bar when you are on the homepage?

    Hmmm OK,

    We are using a static index.html (as you will see yourself from the TINYURL) , a template which we have created in html/css which we wouldn’t personally be able to create in wordpress (we just don’t have the WP savvy to do so) so we use this as our homepage… BUT saying that the WP site we have installed behind this page still uses the index.php… and it all works fine, I just need to use URL’s to point to it or any pages/posts and it’s still there…

    We did have to make one change now you mention it to that specific Settings > General > Site Address (URL) setting, so that the SEARCH function would continue to work … so it’s now:

    Site Adress (url): rather than just (hopefully that makes sense)

    The Search in the wordpress was looking for the URL of the domain which is now obviously this index.html not index.php – but even so, we tried changing this back to it’s original URL (ie. and it made no difference to YOUR plugin… but it does make a difference to the search, which we also need to work within the WP pages.

    Is that any help?

    Arrghhh? Crazy!! OK we tried it again, just to be SURE since you’ve highlighted this Site URL!

    And it HAS made the difference!!! (???)…. we tried this yesterday and it made no difference or I would admit our error! I swear! Haha! Feel so bad for wasting your time! :S

    …But now we’re left with a redundant SEARCH function on our WP site… we really need it! 🙁

    Any idea how we tell our search function to still use without changing the site URL please guys?

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    The best solution here of course is moving that static page into the theme template. Another solution what might help is changing the action on the searchform.

    I hear ya, and thanks so much for your help here guys YOUR DYNAMIC WIDGETS PLUGIN INDEED REMAINS SOUND & INTACT!!!! 😉

    …but we really need that ‘exhibition’ page here, to help stand out in a saturated affiliate marketplace in ‘this’ industry…

    How do we go about changing the action on that searchform?

    We looked at the php, but all we can see is that in the php is that it ‘calls’ for the url – how can we specify the exact url we want the searchform to well… search?

    <form method=”get” id=”searchform” action=”<?php bloginfo(‘url‘); ?> how can we get this action pointing to instead of this generic ‘url’

    Changing the site URL was the only solution we could find 🙁

    Would appreciate any other advice you could share to get this working guys!

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    <form method="get" id="searchform" action="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>/index.php">

    You might get in trouble with other links as well throughout WordPress. Really, I strongly advice you to move the static page into the theme template.

    OK 😛

    I will see if this has any ramifications, (all else fails I have a backup to rolback to) appreciate what you are telling me, I just wouldn’t be able to achieve the same functionality or look/feel… truthfully wouldn;t know where to start to modify the theme to even look anywhere near this static.html…


    Cheers and ALL THE BEST!


    Just for the record fellas, succeeded in sorting out the search issue on both the Main theme search and on the Search Widget used in my footer!

    Both searchform.php (for search widget) AND header.php (for main search) contained this code (in this particular theme at least) and needed to be changed from:

    <form method=”get” id=”searchform” action=”<?php bloginfo(‘url’); ?>


    <form method=”get” action=”“>

    Banners are all working again thanks to your time and further investigation, Site address is how it should be, and search on my site all fixed! AWESOME! Saved me a load of extra work!!

    Now it really is RESOLVED (at my end too!) 😉
    Cheers guys!

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