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URL display prob/ Parent Child relationship

  • LaCiotat.fr → When I create a parent child relationship between my home page « http://Laciotat.fr » and any other page (for example « testpage »), instead of simply giving a URL like « Laciotat.fr/testpage », it uses a name that is very long and cumbersome « http://laciotat.fr/la-ciotat-france-southern-france-la-ciotat-fr/testpage/ » . I assume that it is pulling this data from some type of keyword area. But I don’t know where. My permalinks are set to custom structure « / ». I have All in one SEO installed and perhaps that is manipulating the URL. Anyone got any ideas on that. I just want to work with the parent child relationship normally but, I can’t because it is inserting this line of data. Parent child relationship works normally for all pages except where home page is parent. Anyone got any ideas ?

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