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    I am having a hard time figuring out how to implement a custom URL structure for my site.

    I have set the Permalink setting to select Custom Structure and have /%postname%/ in the box next to it. I have no idea why only 2/4 URLs are working.

    Please help! I really need these custom URLs as they will remain constant pages and would like to be able to send people the links directly.

    My site:
    These 2 work:
    These 2 return 404 pages, despite having identical settings:

    I use Godaddy as hosting, whose support are useless at helping me troubleshoot. They simply copy/paste reams of manual stuff – unrelated to the issue, and WordPress seems to have no support email.


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  • esmi


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    thanks esmi, however I have reviewed all this information, and am still unsure how 2 of the URLs do exactly as I want, and two others return a 404.

    My site is a pretty minimal portfolio affair. The 4 *pages* will be permanant fixtures, therefore I wish to have the URL’s named after them


    Simple requests like this, that hosts, and content theme developers cannot assist with is what drives people away from developing.

    The whole point of WordPress, Joomla etc, is that you do not need to learn code and markup language, and read 10 pages of manual to do something simple….right?

    If I was trying to do something niftily difficult I would be less *frustrated*




    could someone please assist? or at least tell me which section of Using_Permalinks to refer to for my issue. I’m about to throw the towel in with WordPress, seems like this shouldn’t be an issue. I still don’t see why 2 of my 4 pages are working and 2 return 404’s.

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    oh, that’s interesting, thanks cubecolour. I am waiting to hear back from Godaddy on this, it’s been 3 days since the permalinks were created – and it seems to make little sense how they are authorising 2 pages, and giving 404s for 2 others, when settings could not be more identical.

    I am assuming there may be a tweak that Godaddy can make at the DNS or maybe this suggestion from your page may work?

    rolandinsh` says:
    July 17, 2008 at 3:01 pm
    I had the same problem, thaks to this post, I figured out that maybe that’s conected with DNS and it’s TTL. Ant It WAS, So to make it faster, go to Your DNS manager and change Your “A (Host)” and “CNAMES (Aliases)” www TTL value to 1/2 h. Then You’ll need to wait just 30 minutes

    I assumed WordPress would have some kind of support, but it seems we they leave us to fend for ourselves here. Anyway, thanks mate, I hope I can resolve it this week, or else I’ll move to another host and CMS I think.

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