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  • Hi –

    I’m attempting to convert my site to self hosted WordPress. I’ve used two different plugins (one that reads my posts out of my account and converts to WP on-the-fly, the other that creates an intermediary WRX file – both produce the same results).

    In doing so, I’ve noticed two issues

    1. All of my previous URLs ended in .html. These are now removed and my URLs end in a trailing slash “/”

    2. Many of my “longer” URLs are being rewritten. It appears that Blogger created URLs differently than WP does, such that (e.g.)

    OLD Blogger URL:

    is now NEW WP URL:

    (notice the addition of the ‘tech’ at the end of the url)

    Issue #1 seems like it can be solved with a global RewriteRule in my .htaccess (I’m on shared hosting), but I’m a bit clueless on the second issue.

    – Is there a way to ‘force’ WP to use the existing URLs found in the WRX file vs. recreating them from the (I’m guessing/assuming) Title field?
    – Or perhaps some existing script that will parse the WRX and create a “Redirect 301” output list with old and new URLs?
    – Or some other approach other than me manually going URL by URL to build out my .htaccess redirects?

    Thanks for any/all help!

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