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  • hey I ve got one smoewhat tricky problem:

    i want to change the url of my wordpress.

    I ve got several urls for the same webserver and

    I one to choose a new one.

    I ve tried different solutions:

    editing the db directly, editing the functions.php

    this lead to the wordpress page showing up but not

    the wp login.

    I also tried the wp-config solution but this didnt work aswell.

    any ideas?

    any help would be highly appreciated !!


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  • There are a number of suggestions in the Codex article

    Moving WordPress

    If none of those cases apply to you, perhaps you can be more specific about what you’ve tried and what errors occurred.

    thx for the reply !

    well I ve read this article and tried those solutions.

    the one that almost worked was the “functions.php”-editing

    (pasting the “update_option” line in there).

    the site itself worked but I couldnt access the backend.

    so maybe there is a solution to this or a piece of code I ve to

    paste somewhere (change the wp-login address somewhere maybe ?)..

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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