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  • Hey guys,

    I’ve got a strange one that is refusing to work for me. We had a blog on blog.example and was running that for about a year and posting to facebook without issue using an old version of yoast, when it would let you set the og:image.

    Recently we merged the blog into the main site. It was hosted on another server. So the site and blog is now at http://www.example. Everything is fine on the site. It all works and everyone is happy…

    Only on the facebook account for the page. All post that were shared from the old URL are now without their OG:image. We have things setup so that anyone going to blog gets sent to http://www.. so the article is there. The link works. It’s just the image..

    So, by looking at the code it seems that in the post facebook has the blog link but on the page the image url is www. Now I can share this as a new post no problem. I can use the link checker from facebook and it see’s the image and will show it on a NEW post.

    Things I’ve tried:

    Edit the post in facebook to have the new url. The url will be set but only in the text and not in the preview. I don’t know why. Also can not delete the preview while in edit on facebook..

    Edit the og:image URL back to blog so that it would match the original posting. Our site will serve the image from blog or www. No change. Yes, I did update the scrape with facebook tool. I do that after every change.

    The last thing I’m going to try is to edit the OG:url to match the old post url at the post level.

    At this point I’m just trying to trick facebook into seeing the page the ‘old’ way while allowing the new site to work as well.

    It’s pretty frustrating and it’s looking like we may need to delete and repost (backdate) all out post. Losing all likes, shares, and comments on facebook.

    Where did I go wrong? Is there a fix or something I’m missing? Someone also mentioned a forced refresh string for the facebook debugger.. Going to try that as well..

    Mostly venting, but of one you have tackled this ‘feature’ please point me in the right direction. There must be a correct way to do this.

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  • Have you kept the old og url as it is or that is removed ? if that is removed facebook will not show that .

    after chainging url have you used url redirect so that facebook can pick correct image from new url ?

    Thanks for your reply,

    The og:URL did update in the process from blog. to www. This lead me to think that because of the mismatch. blog being the original url on the facebook post and the image being on www there was a trust issue or something. So, tonight I’m going to do a series of test. Have to work out a matrix to go through all possible options of paths just to put that to rest..

    Yes the image is available from blog. and www. the blog post shared as NEW works from www or blog. That’s the strange part. It’s only the OLD post. Same link, same page, same image.

    I’m not to heartbroken about this everyone is ok with it but I would like to know how to avoid it in the future or how to correct it. 🙂

    Thanks again for your time,


    From what I’m understanding this is a facebook issue. I can’t force and update of all those caches.. Apparently facebook had a layered system and it will take up to a month to pan out if at all.

    I assume we’ll just delete and repost. If I hear of anything I’ll add it to this or if someone else has something to add. Other wise I’ll kill this thread as I don’t think it’s a wordpress issue.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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